My Cash Flow

Ever wondered how much of your paycheck is really available to spend on that shiny new toy. My Cash Flow is a safe, simple and free application that actually makes it fun to find out.

Safe, Simple and Free

No sign-up or setup required and I never ask for any personal information. Your data is stored only on this device, never in the "cloud". Start by entering your current cash account balances such as checking and savings then any recurring transactions like rent and car payments and watch the chart reflect your cash flow for the days, weeks and months ahead.

The Chart

The chart at the top shows your daily balance for up to 2 years from the start date. It updates automatically when you change your data. Use the slider to zoom in to the most recent months.

Cash Flow

Shows your cash flow starting from your current date for the weeks, months and years ahead. Use the scroll bar to adjust the duration. Use the icons at the top right to adjust the start date by one day or to pick a date.


These are your current accounts such as checking, savings and cash-on-hand. Simply enter the current balance and a description for each account and the sum of all accounts will be transferred to the first entry in your cash flow.


These are your recurring transactions such as rent, car payments, groceries etc. They appear automatically in your Cash Flow starting on the date you enter and repeating on schedule, if any.


Since your data is only stored on this device you must Export then Import (via the clipboard) to transfer your Cash Flow to another device. You can also use the Export feature to save backups in the event your data is ever lost.