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© 2018 Wesley Steiner
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TESTING really long spoken line
TESTING really long spoken line


Challenge your device to a one-on-one game of Gin Rummy.

Designed to help you practice and refine your skills when a partner isn't available.

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This game assumes you already know how to play Gin, if not here are some resources to help.



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Here are some browser tips when playing the game.

Selecting a page "refresh" in your browser will keep the current scores and deal new hands. Note that the scores are only saved after all hands are counted. If you exit the game before finishing a round the scores will not be saved.

Your hand is at the bottom of the screen (SOUTH). Your opponent's hand, the computer, is at the top (NORTH).


The first dealer is chosen at random then alternates between rounds. Your hand is sorted automatically for the lowest point score with any melds on the left and the remaining deadwood cards on the right.

Game Play

On the first draw after the deal you can select or reject the up-card by tapping the ✓ (draw) or ✕ (pass) buttons respectively. After the first draw tap on a pile, or the draw (✓) button, to draw a card then slide your discard selection from your hand onto the discard pile to play a card.

Lay Out

Tap the knock (✸) button before discarding when you're ready to "lay out" your hand. The knock button turns red to indicate you're going-down. If your point count is 10 or less (after discarding) then your cards will be layed out for you otherwise your knock will be cancelled and play will resume as normal.

Tap the knock button again to cancel a knock.

Lay Off

Any cards you hold that can be "layed off" to your opponent's melds will be played for you.

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Scores are saved automatically on this device so that you may continue a game at a later time.

Game Results

Here is the scoresheet for the current game. First player to reach 100 points wins the game


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Rounds Played

A listing of the rounds played so far in the current game.

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Tournament Results

Here is a listing of the completed game points and the total points for the tournament. The ✔ indicates the winner of each game.


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On Desktops

For the best experience use the Chrome browser from Google.

On Tablets

Ideal for play on handheld tablets.

Just visit from your browser and your ready to play.

On Smartphones

You can even play on your smartphone.

Wiki Gin won't use any of your precious cellular data while playing the game, just once to load it.

Visit from your browser and your ready to play.

Enjoying this Game?

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Always free. No sign-up or setup. My games are safe to play online since I never ask for or save any personal information.

Enjoy and thanks for your support.


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